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A local society is any gladiolus organization or any society having special interest in the gladiolus that becomes an affiliate of the Council by asking to join and paying an annual membership fee. These maybe regional, county, or statewide organizations.

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International Hall of Fame (IGHoF)

The International Gladiolus Hall of Fame was an idea conceived by gladiolus grower Sidney Baldridge of Greeley, Colorado, USA. He worked with the University of Northern Colorado President, Dean of University Libraries and the Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences to create a home for the Hall of Fame. At its 1980 convention, the North American Gladiolus Council dedicated the International Gladiolus Hall of Fame in the James A. Michener Library at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, where it resides yet today.

The organization collects gladiolus literature and artifacts from throughout the world and honors outstanding gladiolus cultivars (varieties), individuals or families or publications who/that have notably contributed to gladiolus culture. The artifacts are filed or are on display at the library which is open to the public. If you plan to visit, check the library hours.

The IGHoF existed as a separate entity from the North American Gladiolus Council until April 2023 when it was absorbed into NAGC per mutual agreement. Future administration, nomination and balloting processes to be done by a IGHoF Standing Committee within NAGC.

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